Leagues Teams of the Week/Month (March)



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The Pandas – Ice Hockey

The Todd Ice Hockey league team of the week is The Pandas! A fairly long running team, they have been apart of UBC Intramurals for the past few years, having won the campus wide trophy in tier 1 multiple times. The Pandas demonstrate great skill in regards to how they play the game; from their puck movement to their silky smooth mitts to their excellent team chemistry, they always give their opponent a good challenge when on the ice. They do all of this while also playing in a respectable, positive manner, with a passion and a love for the game that is hard to beat. Keep carrying that attitude into playoffs and congrats on team of the week and your $25 gift certificate to BierCraft in Wesbrook!

Flag Football TOTW - Green College Bears

Green Collage Bears – Flag Football

From their Captain’s luscious locks, to their uniform’s amusing logo, the Green College Bears are a great group of individuals who are consistently grateful for their opportunity to play in the Flag Football League. With enough team spirit and sportsmanship for the entire league, the Bears have established themselves as a force to reckoned and a team that everyone loves playing against. 

Flag Football TOTW - SIMEON

SIMEON – Flag Football

Although they have yet to notch their first win on the season, SIMEON is a team that always looks forward to Sunday evenings and the opportunity to hone in their skills. This team puts in extra hours milking cows in hopes of increasing their flag-pulling reaction time. They make Sunday nights enjoyable for everyone and we could not think of a better recipient of the Team of the Week award.


Formerly in Shape Tigers – Futsal

The Formerly in Shape Tigers are Futsal’s team of the week because of their dedication and consistency. Without fail, they are always on time, in good spirits, and ready to play. They also have one of the highest participation percentages of all teams in the SRC Futsal League. They have currently ranked 3rd in Men’s Tier 1 Campus Wide going into playoffs. 


Lucic Chong – Ball Hockey

Lucic Chong have displayed sportsmanship, positive attitudes and an all around love for the game of ball hockey. Each week they show up eager to play with a full bench of players. During the first half of term they were playing in the Tier 2 division of the Bodin Ball Hockey League. After a few weeks of play it was evident that they were not being challenged enough were moved to the Tier 1 division. Despite a loss in their first game, they came through with a win in the second week of play at the Tier 1 level. We look forward to seeing them in playoffs and wish them the best of luck! Congratulations to team of the week, Lucic Chong!


CS and CEE United – Ultimate

The team highlighted for this week’s team of the week is CS and CEE United! The unique name of the team and their animated attitude is what caught our attention. Not even an injury could bring down their love for the sport of Ultimate, having one of the females wanting to play after being injured. Their sportsmanship and fun, energetic behaviour lit up all of Thunderbird Arena.  With their enthusiastic and positive attitude with the other teams and their own, it was shocking to find out that they’ve only known each other for six months. Not only that, but they’ve played together only for the duration of two months total. Their memorable team name stands for Computer Science and Computer Electrical Engineering, the two programs where this team comes from. A team full of the same passion for the two programs and the game of Ultimate is what makes them so strong. Keep up the great work CS and CEE United! 

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Microballology – Dodgeball

We chose Microballology in Men’s Tier 2 because they are quite possible the mostly enthusiastic dodgers to have ever stumbled upon the SRC. These guys have a hoot every Tuesday and we look forward to their humour and energy every time we supervise. On top of that, their team has been in the league for ages, with some players in their 5th straight year of the league! Way to go Microball!


Regent College – Soccer

This is Regent College and they are the team of the week for the Handley Cup Soccer League. This team always shows up with big smiles and enthusiasm to play soccer. Even though they have joined the league late, they have managed to win some hard fought games all while showing top quality sportsmanship. Plus, they have the best jerseys!


Beta Dragons – Basketball

Team of the week goes out to Beta from Men’s Elite! Beta is always showing up excited to play and continuously gives their opponents a tough game. The guys always have great attitudes during their games and we wanted to show our appreciation to them. Beta also just took home the champ title in Men’s Elite Divisional this past Wednesday. Good job Beta Dragons!!


Thank you to all the teams that participated in leagues this term. We hope you all had a good time whether regardless of your team’s standing because you are all winners. See you all at Hall of Fame and good luck on exams!