TSC FYI: Iron Woman and TSC Synchro Athlete Victoria Euper

TSC FYIThis week we had the opportunity to interview TSC Synchronized Swimming athlete and Storm the Wall Iron Woman Victoria Euper! Victoria is a grad student at the School of Population and Public Health, completing her Master’s of Science in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene. We asked her a few questions about her preparation and support; read on to see what she had to say!

You placed 1st in each of the heats leading up to the Iron Woman finals with impressive times (19:37, 19:20 and 19:03)- Is this your first time participating in Storm the Wall or have you done it before? How did you prepare?
Being a kinner as an undergrad, it was pretty much mandatory to do Storm the Wall. I think I did Storm three times as a divisional all-women’s team. This year I’m finishing up grad school and I thought, why not go out with a bang and do Ironwoman?

In terms of prep, in September I started training for the Shawnigan Lake triathlon in May – so I’ve pretty much been prepping for this type of event for the past several months. The synchro season also ended in February, so once nationals were over I joined the UBC Triathlon Club. I try to get in at least two runs, two bikes, and two swims each week (+ some time in the weight room).


Which part of the race is your favourite and which part is your least favourite?
Oh man, the worst part is definitely the beginning of the “long” run after getting off the bike. The burn in the legs is pretty intense and most people underestimate how hard it is to do a bike (even if its short) followed by a fast run. Thanks to the UBC Tri Club, I had some experience with doing brick workouts (where we train on the bike and then do a ~5km run).

I’d have to say that my favourite part of Storm is for sure the WALL! It’s definitely the most fun and its great to come in at the end of the run and have all of the UBC students cheering you on. I definitely think Storm is one of the main events on campus that brings the UBC student body together, and people are always really excited about it!

Who did you pick as your wall person and was their any strategy in choosing them?
My wall man was Florian Heinkel! He’s the cycling exec for the UBC Tri Club so it was nice to have someone who had experience with all of the transitions in between swims/bikes/runs. He’s also over 6ft tall, which is definitely ideal when you only get one person below you to boost you up over that wall! Not to mention that he was awesome bike mechanic and overall fantastic wall person. Couldn’t have done it without you Flo! I’d also like to give a shout-out to the UBC Synchro squad who came to watch my bike during the race and was there to cheer me on – team support in and out of the pool!

Congratulations Victoria! Be sure to head over to the TSC Synchronized Swimming Facebook page to see what the the club has been up to!