TSC FYI Athlete Feature: Kristoffer Young (Fencing)

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Kristoffer YoungFrom Manila, Philippines, Kristoffer Young is the MarCom (Marketing & Communications) executive of the TSC Fencing Team with a passion for the culinary arts, Krav Maga, self-defence and of course, fencing.

Name: Kristoffer Young
Sport: Fencing
Year: 4
Field of Study: Psychology

1) How did you get into playing/working with your sport?
The Princess Bride, Starwars and Pirates of the Caribbean set the standards of how cool sword fights looked, it was Lindsay Lohan’s camp-spanning duel in the epic disney romance The Parent Trap that really got me interested. For me, fencing was more for fun than competitive at the beginning but a few gold medals later kept me wanting to get better. Fencing came naturally to me even though I had never held a sword before in my life. After awhile, it became part of my identity, a place I could be myself.


fencing practice
Kristoffer (left) during Fencing practice at the Old Sub. 
2) What are three things you’ve done that has kept you going during stressful times? 

Meditation. Even a short 10-15 minutes out of your day can help quite a bit when you’ve got too many things on your mind. Certain kinds of yoga can also be really relaxing, especially if it involves lots of slow, easy movements. Probably the best thing though, is just to do something else. I feel that if your mind is always so focused on your problems, you get caught in a loop that just gets worse. Do something fun, go out for a coffee, hit the gym. I find that having activities planned gets my mind off the stress.

3) What are some of the differences between your AMS club and Thunderbirds Sport Club? (Training, structure of training, competition schedule, coaching, organization, managing)

The AMS side of the club tends to be catered more towards beginners and also functions largely as a place to fence and meet new people in a positive atmosphere. A lot of new members come because we provide a safe space for students to express themselves without fear of judgement.

The competitive side on the other hand, is for fencers who truly want to get better a the sport. With mandatory footwork sessions and one-on-one coaching, the Thunderbirds Sport Clubs side is a lot more intense. At the moment, I think we’re actually looking at getting another coach to help out.


Fencing SC
Kristoffer (second from the right) and the TSC Fencing Team
4) What was your dream job growing up? Is any part of that still true?
I’d say I once dreamt that I’d be working as a chef. At present, I’m more inclined towards running a restaurant than working in the kitchen, but my cooking ability has definitely come in handy at university. I think I can say I’m pretty domesticated at the moment. I’ve worked as a barista too so I guess part of my dream is still true albeit not exactly how I pictured it. Maybe I’ll open up a café. For me, dreams are something that constantly changes with the moment. It doesn’t really matter as long as I am enjoying what I do.


Thank you for your time Kristoffer! Check out their Instagram for photos and videos!