TSC FYI: Synchro Swimming Alissa + Jessie Cait


How long have you been competing in synchro together? Have you always been on a team together?
Jessie: A long time- we grew up on a lake, so we were a bit water obsessed growing up! Alissa’s been competing in synchro for 16 years and I joined a couple of years after, so it’s been around 14 years.

Alissa: We’ve been on the same team ever since we started on the UBC Thunderbirds Synchronized Swimming Sport Club; so this year has only been our second year competing together. But its been interesting and fun having Jessie as a teammate- we really get to help each other out!

What are some of your proudest moments in Synchro?
Jessie: I grew up watching Alissa perform at the club and seeing her consistently place 1st in figures was really impressive. But seeing her join UBC Thunderbirds Synchronized Swimming Sport Club after having been out of Synchro for several years made me so proud. Thinking that she couldn’t do it and then seeing her excel after being retired for so long has been awesome!

Alissa: In Jessie’s last year of high school, she joined a nationally ranked team and seeing her work so hard to reach the same caliber of the team was amazing. Watching all of her hard work pay off when she performed at Nationals in Prince Edward Island made me such a proud sister!

What was the highlight of the season?
Alissa: One of my highlights of the season was just how much we improved! We swam against the Calgary team at Westerns and they beat us by 6 points, a huge margin. But at Nationals we closed the gap to just 1.5 points!

Alissa and Jessie Cait
Jessie (left) and Alissa (right) after the UBC Synchro Watershow on March 4th, showcasing the Synchronized Swimming routines from this season! 

Do you have any secret pre-competition rituals you guys do?
Jessie: Alissa does all the pre-competition food shopping (she actually packs my lunch for tournament day!).

Alissa: Jessie always puts on my cap for me when it comes to competition day, and we always like to stay and warm-up together during tournaments.

Who are your biggest supporters?
Jessie: Our parents! Our mom and dad flew out from Toronto to watch Nationals here- they have always been our biggest supporters and we’re so thankful. Our mom always knows everyone on the team and is always down to help us with song selections for our performances 

Do you have any advice for other sibling pairs that compete together in a sport?
Use them as a resource and lean on them for support!

Alissa: Know them well and try to be kind. At the end of the day they’re your teammate, so try to not criticize them too much and offer them kind advice.