How Music Contributes To Our Exercise Routines

Music surrounds us more than we think and has become an essential in keeping us entertained. Walk into a mall and you’ll hear music playing in the background, and if you look around you on public transit, a majority of commuters will have earphones on. That is no surprise that music has also become the norm for multi-tasking with other activities, especially exercising. But does listening to music actually help us when we run on the treadmill or lift weights? Surprisingly yes! Music is so much more than just pure entertainment, and here’s how listening to music can help make your workout feel so much better:


1. Music distracts you in a good way

When you press the ‘play’ button, the brain focuses more on the music and less on the discomfort or the cold morning air. The pace of the song will make a big difference in how well the rest of the jog will continue. When a fast song comes on, you’re more likely to start moving to the same beat and rhythm of the song, and eventually you might even forget the difficulty of the workout. However if the speed if the song is too fast, it would not benefit you at all. Tempos between 120 and 140 beats per minute is the ideal speed to get the most of your workout.

Image Source: Leanitup

2. Music evokes certain feelings

Songs that incorporate a lot of bass enhances the sensation of feeling large and powerful. Those are the kind of emotions that are perfect for getting into a right mindset for the workout ahead. Bass heavy songs is recommended to be played at the beginning of a workout to give you a spark of energy boost. Listening to relatable lyrics can also make you feel motivated to take that extra step. Although everyone’s playlist is personal and is probably different from others, memories are associated with certain songs that can give you that push, which can actually lead to an increase in performance.


Image Source: Whatgym

3. Music makes you work harder

Believe it or not, running while having earbuds pumping through your ears can help you work harder than you normally do and in the end, you’ll have achieved greater results out of your workout. People who exercised to faster music were able to increase their speed, accept and even enjoy the extra amount of effort put into their workout.


Image Source: Trainbodyandmind

Next time you go for a jog or hit up the gym, remember to sync your favourite songs to your iPod and bring them along with you! Music is a powerful tool that can help you love exercise even more or make the experience more enjoyable for the those who do not like running or going to the gym so much. You might not realize how music can be such a huge contribution to your active lifestyle, but the combination of exercise and music can work together to bring a healthy new you!