Treadmill vs Outdoor Running: Pros & Cons

There are two types of people: people who like to run outside and people who like to run on the treadmill. You would think it is pretty much the same, but who would have thought that running outdoors and indoors would have their own differences? Here’s the pros and cons between running on the treadmill and running outdoors and you can decide for yourself which environment is better suited for you:


Reduced amount of risk since your body knows what to expect.
• Adjust the treadmill to meet goals, especially if you can’t find an uphill workout outside, you can easily change the
settings on the treadmill.
• Great range of diversity to choose from to and is perfect for beginners and experts alike.
• It’s easy to know what to wear to regulate your body temperature.

Treadmill requires less work and strength compared to the the natural outdoors.
• Might become boring after a while since you are running in one place.
• Miss out on the good weather, especially the Vitamin D from the sunshine!


• There are different slopes and hills outdoors that is more a challenge which means you’ll get more out of your
• Running on uneven pavements all add to developing better coordination and balance.
Good weather will create a change in scenery and offer constant changes and breathtaking views.

• If you’re running on wet and icy roads, you are prone to slip and falls that might lead to injuries.
• Your exercise routine will be dependent on the outside weather.

Next time if you want a change of pace, consider if you want to run outside or indoors. But whatever choice you make, you’re already making a great choice by sticking with your routine!