Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Runs: The Different Benefits During Each Time Of The Day

Ever wonder if there is a difference in running earlier in the day versus later in the night? Do you have a favourite time to go jogging? Whether it is the morning, afternoon, or evening, every time of the day all have its pros. It doesn’t matter if you are an early riser or a night owl, there is a time to go jogging for everyone. Discover the benefits associated with your time preference for running:



If running in the morning is part of your regular exercise routine, embracing the morning cold means that the early mornings toughens up your mental strength and makes you prepared for the rest of the day. After your morning run, you will be more alert and able to focus for the rest of the day. Getting up earlier just as the sun rises also means better sleep quality at night.

Image Source: Kent-teach



This time of the day is considered to be the most popular time to be running and the most beneficial time for breathing since lungs operate six percent better in the afternoon. Since the sun is at the highest peak, the muscles will be the warmest during this time of the day as well. Already moving throughout the morning will make running in the afternoon and later seem like your run is easier and faster.

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After a long day of school or work, running in the evening can help you get your mind off the stress and deal with the problems in a positive way. Body temperature is still high at this point, which is a sign for increased strength and reaction time. Your sense of movement increases, which allows your body to be more reactive to for example, a squirrel that suddenly ran across your path. Hormones responsible for energy metabolism, cortisol and thyrotropin, are the highest during the evening, which is definitely useful during your run.


Image Source: Running Magazine


Choosing a time of the day to exercise and fitting in a running session into your schedule will be different for everyone, but in the end, there is an outdoor jog for everyone. No matter what time of the day you run, there will always be a positive gain to your run!