2016 Banquet Award Winners

Joan Pilcher Rookie of the Year Award: Stephen NgImAlumni_springformal_2016-104 (1)



Ambitious, collaborative and dedicated, this year’s Joan Pilcher Rookie of the Year award winner joined the program with a desire to immerse themselves and make an impact.  From the outset, this individual took advantage of opportunities to get involved on their team, within their sector and across the program.  With an unwavering work ethic and enthusiasm to embrace the program, their presence was undeniable.  Recognized by nominators for their abilities to adapt quickly and to provide a unique perspective, their impact could be seen in the student office, around the m-sector table and throughout a wide range of programming.  To cap it off, this individual rose to the challenge of stepping into a director role in winter term and delivered at the calibre of a seasons veteran.



League Excellence Award: Kevan La GuardiaIMAlumni_springformal_2016-110



This year’s winner of the Leagues Excellence award showed tremendous leadership and initiative throughout the year.  They ran one of the most error-free leagues in recent memory, and pushed a number of new ideas to completion as well.  Starting with a full certification for officials the weekend of Full-Staff Retreat, and continuing on with developing a stronger relationship with his Varsity counterparts, this director did a great job of balancing both a strong AD experience and ensuring that his participants were also given a consistent and fair experience.  Although he didn’t win CoRec Elite in Term 2, it does not take away from the incredible job he did in his second run as the Director of the Cross Volleyball League.



Events Excellence Award: Britney Dehler & Stefanie Suderman

This year we’re lucky to be giving this as a joint-award.IM_Alumnispringformal_2016-108

One of the strongest directors who led the way in the year that began with the one of the wettest Longboat events ever.  Our winner displaying high degrees of professionalism, initiative, personal standards and selflessness in abundance; and she successfully developing her team, the Events sector and the Program as a whole. She’s sometimes been given the label of ‘mom’ which is given as a total compliment.  Sometimes you only realize what you’re missing when it’s gone. Change is inevitable. People move on. But if their actions are significant, their legacy remains behind and influences. We all know that Stef’s legacy will continue to bear fruit for years to come and have been part of the continuing fabric of success we’re fortunate to have here at UBC Recreation Intramurals.

Britney Dehler has been a force to be reckoned with this year. Her passion shone through all the events she organized particularly through Parasport Games, Lace Up for Kids and Storm the Wall. Her year was not always easy, but she fought through every hurdle with a smile on her face – the quality of a true leader. She was always there for the Portfolio 2 Ads, ensuring their visions materialized every event. Her love/hate relationship with the Storm Festival blossomed this year, bringing new ideas, decorations and seeing the smoothest finish line experience Storm the Wall has seen in years. She single handedly organized Storm’s first ever awards ceremony and full Storm Pit Night. Her drive to incorporate Hall of Fame into Storm the Wall saw dividends and exemplified her eagerness to collaborate on every project. DJ Two-Two Swag Swag, thank you for all your hard work.


Sue Demaine Award: Taylor Davis

Described by nominators as a force, this year’s recipient approached the year with an eye for the strategic, an energy to ensure real collaboration and a passion to enhance the program.  Building off the interests of students, this year’s Sue Demaine winner is noted for: their initiative to push new boundaries and build new relationships, their desire to ensure positive impacts across all areas of the program and their broad perspective to focus on cross sector communication and teamwork.  Working throughout the summer, this individual’s true impact was felt in the fall as budding relationships blossomed into mutually beneficial partnerships and results were seen at Day of the Longboat, Official’s development, Lace Up for Kids, the Yoga Rave and IM Staff benefits, amongst others.


Nestor Korchinsky Award: Julie RosenfeldIM_Alumnispringformal_2016-159