A Special Thank You

I know you have said this will be your last year being involved with both our REC and IM Alumni efforts as well as your long standing role as a Mentor in the School of Kinesiology.   Your talent and compassion is being redirected to yet another calling as our off campus community beckons you to fill another vacuum in our social environment.  It is therefore fitting that I say a few words of appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the REC and IM Alumni … 

I begin by saying what a pleasure it is to be working with you again and in particular to celebrate a Program and champion all these wonderful people who have made this UBC experience such a memorable one.  But there is more…..

This journey with you has been such an unbelievable experience.  I give thanks for the time many years ago when our paths crossed, first as a student and subsequently as a professional staff member whose presence turned out to be our path to a higher ideal.   The strength of your personality and the goodness in your heart has not only been reflected in the honours that have been bestowed upon you over these many years, but more so in the genuine affection that has been reciprocated by the many people you have influenced, guided and nurtured.  So, the quality of the people who have graced us with their presence is truly a measure of the mentoring you have given them and the encouragement you have extended to them as they sought their own identity in this ever expanding and challenging global community.  And in the process you helped to enrich this Program and in doing so you have contributed in your own way to the outstanding reputation our University enjoys amongst its peers.  You did your part and you did it exceptionally well.

But now a personal note…..  your loyalty to me has been unwavering as you have continued to support and champion me at every turn.  Passion needs a launching pad and your commitment and unquestioned support was the fuel in this engine of change.   To dare to be different in those early years was to walk on the path of uncertainty, not in the messenger, but on the road to its recipients.

During that time, we basked in the glory of anonymity which gave us the freedom to dream, to explore and to conceive a future unencumbered by the shackles of traditional, conventional and outdated thought.  And dream we did and what a journey it has been and look at what we have accomplished.  Your strength has been translated into the quality of the outstanding staff and students who have since joined in this marvelous venture, geared to enriching the lives of every individual who explores this campus with the dual purpose of self-discovery and of building a more compassionate, inclusive and caring society.  The foundation you helped to create remains strong and the future continues to glow with promise.

Saying ‘thank you’ at this time seems so inadequate as it conveys a message from the mind, it seems more appropriate to say ‘we’ve been blessed’ which is a message from the heart.

A grateful colleague and friend,