Alumni Weekend 2016 – A Recap

A snapshot of a fun filled weekend:

Friday Night Full Staff Dinner: Seven people attended and all had a blast! Those attending included Tristan Brown, Nestor Korchinsky, Michelle Lazar, Keith Miller, Jean Miller, Aaron Miu and Michael Tan. Regrets: Joanie Webster, Dave Thomson

Friday Night Retro Pub Night


Retro Gear making an appearance

  1. Alvin Lee: Tri Du Shirt
  2. Kris Gustavson: ’85-86 Sorority Jacket with an IM All Star Crest
  3. Michael Tan: ’00 IM Staff shirt
  4. Nestor Korchinsky: late 1980’s rugby staff shirt
  5. The others: Next year!

Vancouver Fish Company Restaurant and Bar was a fabulous venue thanks to Steve and Joanna Duyzer


Saturday Pre Banquet Social (at one end of the Banquet Room): Gathering and Bar were great with gifts of appreciation given out. VP Cowin attended which was fabulous!  We were lucky to have over 20 alumni attend the pre-banquet celebration at the Hotel Vancouver. Hosted by Nestor himself, it was a wonderful way to catch up with everyone and meet new faces.



The BANQUET: Outstanding evening – our third annual spring banquet was a night filled with glamour, laughter, and exciting celebration! Dr. Cowin’s presence and speech were well received – this was the first time we have ever had a Vice President at the Banquet, and it was exciting to see her reaction to the big family we call Intramurals.  We also celebrated Habib Zargarpour, this year’s Marilyn Pomfret Alumni Achievement Award winner, who has worked in the film industry for over a decade on movies including Twister and Star Wars.  Other highlights of the night included the various Student Staff awards, along with the Staff video, which included some archival footage from past generations. Overall, it was an exciting night and we hope to see you all there next year in April! Those attended included: Natacha Corrie, Alvin Lee, George Mapson, Jean and Keith Miller, Ronnie (Gill) Perkins, Lara (Evans) and Mauricio Garcia, Kris (Cholyk) and Steve Gustavson, Stephanie von Dehn, Habib Zargarpour, Marilyn and Jack Pomfret and Kavie and Lorraine (Pond) Toor.



Pictured from Right to Left: Alvin Lee, Keith Miller, Jean Miller, Stephanie von Dehn, Michael Tan, Michelle Corrie, Steve Gustavson, Nestor Korchinsky (and taking the picture – Kris Gustavson, Tara Stamnes and Ronnie Gill out of the picture)


Saturday Night Post Banquet Social: Held at Notch8 in the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel around a Kitchen type Island which proved to be an fantastic arena for conversation, munching and fueling up.