An Alumni Council Update

As another year draws to a close, the alumni council wanted to share a few things on their minds and extend the invitation to get involved!

But first a thank you to Joan Webster.


Pictured: Front left to right: Kris Gustavson, Olivia Yung, Jill Slattery; Back Row left to Right: Tara Stamnes, Michael Tan, Clarence Giesbrecht, Nestor Korchinsky and Steve Gustavson

On the horizon, event ideas for 2017

  1. Summer Softball Tournament (held at the UBC Fields)
  2. A Salute to Nestor on his 50 Years at UBC (October)
  3. Christmas Family Potluck Social
  4. April REC and IM Banquet (All donations up and above the Banquet cost will be matched by UBC)

Interested in Joining the Council?

Come and join us! Council meets every four to six weeks starting in September and if you can spend an additional couple of hours per month, we’d love to have you.  If interested please email and indicate if any of the following areas strikes your fancy.

  1. IM Alumni Council Chair – Nestor (2017 will serve as last Year as Chair)
  2. IM Alumni Council Co-Chair (To assume Chair in 2018)
  3. IM Alumni Events
            1. A Salute to Nestor on his 50 Years at UBC
            2. IM Alumni Banquet Guests Chair
  4. IM Alumni Publications
  5. IM Alumni History and Archives
  6. IM Alumni Website and Social Media
  7. IM Alumni Year Representatives