An Intramural Winter Term Recap

Happy May everyone!

Another year has been officially wrapped up, though there seems to be no moment of lull. This last semester was memorable for many reasons; however I thought I would highlight a few moments along the way.


The first ever “Yoga Rave”

Over the past few years there have been many adaptations to how yoga is enjoyed and practiced and one of those specifically was taking a yoga class, adding copious amounts of glow in the dark clothing and body paint, and then giving the entire event soundtrack of electronic dance music presented by a live DJ ….

Like any exclusive club you want the line up outside to nearly as big as crowd inside…. Right? To no surprise this caught the attention of a lot of people and students couldn’t line up fast enough to claim one of the precious few spaces. The event was organized and presented by the Live Active Outreach team (part of the intramural volunteers staff) and will become an annual event for the foreseeable future… Cue the black light and subwoofer…. SOLD OUT!  The photos speak for themselves.



Storm the Wall

For many of us, Storm the Wall signifies the end of the school year and although organized by our events teams, is a time for our entire program to come together and celebrate all that has been accomplished over the year. This past year was significant as the walls were reunited with the University Commons (formally the SUB south plaza) and the grassy knoll – version 2.0. Having the backdrop of the new Student Union Nest brought the event squarely into the center campus and once again saw a record year with over 850 teams participating. If you haven’t seen this years wrap up video – its most certainly worth the watch.



Intramural Spring Banquet & Student Awards

Each spring we take a few moments to look back over the year and reflect on the intramural program we have accomplished and brought to the campus. Although we recognize several students that have made extraordinary contributions to our program, the night is a celebration of our entire student volunteer staff, past, present and in many ways the future. The perspective that you get after seeing students year after year, dedicating and committing a seemingly unexplainable amount of time and energy to bring the Intramural Program to life makes a phrase like “thank you” often seem too short. That said, I cannot think of any other statement that would begin to express how important and grateful we are for their time, energy and passion.

Facebook Photos Here.  You  need to be a member of the Alumni Facebook group to view.


Nestor Korchinsky AwardProgram Excellence – Julie Rosenfeld ~ Program Development, Community Engagement

Sue Demaine AwardMarketing Excellence – Taylor Davis ~ Director, Sponsorship

League Excellence Award – Kevin La Guardia ~ Director, Cross Volleyball League

Events Excellence Award – Stefanie Suderman ~ Director, Events & Britney Dehler ~ Director, Events

Joan Pilcher AwardRookie of the Year – Stephen Ng ~ Director, Sponsorship

Marilyn Pomfret AwardAlumni Achievement – Habib Zargarpour – Creative Director, Microsoft Studios


Upcoming Events

The Point Grey Triathlon – Saturday June 18

Intramural Alumni Softball Tournament – Saturday August 20

Day of the Longboat Alumni Races – Sunday October 2


By Jason McManus