Fitness Tips for the Busy Student

Life of a UBC student can get hectic sometimes. Besides from taking full-time courses, there’s lots of other activities being juggled all at the same time that range from school clubs, volunteer, a part-time job, and trying to squeeze in a social life. With a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to forget to eat healthy or to have a consistent schedule to keep up with your health’s well-being. “I’m busy” appear as a common reason to stop doing your regular morning jog or to ditch the gym session and you convince yourself that spending more time on school is a better use of time. Eventually, the lack of exercise will turn into a habit, but fear not, here are some tips to incorporate easy fitness into your busy lives:

1. Walk everywhere!

With such a big campus, it may be common to be walking from one end of the campus to the other. If you are a daily commuter, leave the bus one stop before the one you usually get off and just take the time to walk to class instead. Enjoy the scenic route along the way and take in that breath of fresh air. Try to avoid the elevator and walk up the flight of stairs. If you drive, park somewhere farther away so that you give yourself more distance to walk it out.

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2. Run with a friend

Make plans with a friend, and run together, and that way you will not be likely to skip out. When you know that you have a friend waiting for you, that 6:30am meetup is more prone to happen versus when you are alone where pressing the snooze button seems more tempting.

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3. Take a fitness break

Whether you are working or studying, instead of grabbing a bag of chips and snacking on junk food, go out for a 5-10 minute walk. The change of pace can be a good refresher for your brain and make you ready to work after.

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4. Set small goals

Set small goals so that it is realistic and achievable. It could be anything from taking more walks to swapping out soda choices with water. Although it may seem like insignificant small goals, it will feel good that you are able to complete something and encourages more goals to be made in the future.

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5. Remember to have fun

You shouldn’t try to stick to a routine that you hate or find boring and useless. Research new, easy exercises that interests you and try them out. Once you find a new activity you like, your exercise routine would not sound like a hassle that you are dreading to do, but something to look forward to.

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It may seem like these are simple fitness techniques that are done in short amount of times, and not worth the effort, but just remember that little steps gradually add up and a little bit is better than nothing for your health and well-being!