Water Safety Week June 4 – 11th


June 4th – 11th, 2016 is Water Safety Week, which promotes the value of learning to swim and encourages parents/caregivers to be vigilant when children are around water. This year, we are kicking off Water Safety Week with the launch of the first ever Flotation Report. This report, developed in collaboration with the Cook-Rees Memorial Fund, contains 20 years of research on water-related fatalities and lifejacket/personal flotation use in Canada.

Key report findings include:

  • There were 10,511 unintentional water-related deaths over the last 20 years, and the reoccurring factor is the absence of a lifejacket or PFD.
  • Males aged 15-74 are at the highest risk of drowning, accounting for nearly 90% of boating related deaths.
  • The majority of boating deaths (77%) occurred during recreational activities like fishing, powerboating and canoeing.
  • At least 22-34% of boaters did not have a PFD in their boat, which is a legal requirement in Canada.
  • Only 4% of non-swimmers compared to 13% of strong swimmers who drowned were properly wearing a PFD.
  • Between 50-85% of boating-related fatalities could have been prevented by wearing a PFD.


 How can you get involved?

  • As the leading Prevention & Safety organization in Canada, the Red Cross is committed to helping prevent water-related injuries and fatalities, and we need your support.
  • Educate yourself – read the Flotation Report (available June 6th) for important findings.
  • Spread the word – engage with @redcrosscanada posts on water safety throughout the summer season.
  • Host a water safety event  – check out the Swimming and Water Safety Public Education Resource Guide for event ideas, planning tips, tools and templates


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Thank you for your continued efforts to offer and promote swimming and water safety in your community!