10 Reasons to do Day of the LongBoat


 1. Whether your time at UBC is just beginning or coming to an end the memories from the event will stick with you for the rest of school and after graduation  


2. You will have the chance to strengthen bonds with your friends and form new levels of comradery

Photo Cred: Erin Baird

3. If you don’t already have a team, it’s an excellent opportunity to meet new people and form new friendships that could last a lifetime027_dm_01_longboat-93

4. You’ll be one step closer to those muscular forearms you’ve always wantedshutterstock162592241

5. You could be crowned as an intramural champion and be that much further on your journey to intramural dominancewpid-20101001_alex-micu

6. It’s the chance at revenge you’ve been waiting for since your rivals flipped your boat into the freezing cold Pacific last yearlong5

7. If you don’t want to compete you can enjoy the beach festival and cheer on your friends while you secretly hope they flip their boatwpid-longboat_20120929_carter-brundage

8. Maybe you’ve never been in a LongBoat before and you will learn a new skill.2016_dayofthelongboat_marketingmaterial_my13

9. You can use those new skills to impress your friends with your excellent paddling

Photo Cred: Erin Baird

10. You become a part of the UBC legacy and be forever immortalized as a participant in the largest traditional LongBoat race in the world