Checking out Free Week: Outdoor Boot Camp




YAY! Free Week is back!

Every year, in the second week of the new semester, UBC Recreation offers instructor-led classes to students, staff & faculty, and the general public for free. All classes are demonstrated at levels ranging from beginner to advanced, which simply means, it is open to everyone!

Today, I decided to check out UBC’s Free Week Outdoor Boot Camp class to test my limit and write about it! At first, I walked into the class thinking “boot camp” would be very intensive so I figured it’s going to be very tough for me. BUT it turned out great! The class was designed for individuals to move at their own paces. We started off with some warm-up exercises and jumped into cardio intervals then finished off with stretching.



“I only met everyone for an hour, but I already feel close to them. You can easily make friends here in a different environment that you will never do in class. Challenge yourself and have fun whether it rains or not!”


Jennifer Wong

Outdoor Boot Camp Instructor


The class is led by Jennifer Wong (Jen) and is designed to be active, fun, and challenging, while building strength in the least amount of time. If you like outdoor activities more than going to the Gym, or just want something different, this boot camp is for you! Working out in the sunshine or rain can be more fun than indoor fitness activities—and more challenging, too, as you power through grass, asphalt and steps.

You’ve never done a workout like this before? Don’t worry about it! One of the greatest things about this boot camp is that it does not require any experience nor a level of fitness to begin with! The instructor Jen will teach and train you the modifications you need for your own body. The Outdoor Boot Camp is dynamic and fun fitness program that motivates you, challenges you, and keeps you fit.

Start small and build up gradually. Make a start today, register for the outdoor boot camp, It’s never too late 🙂

What are the cool things about Free Week?

  • All classes are drop-in basis – no pre-registration is required.
  • Try out as many classes as you want, for free!
  • Beginners are welcome at all classes

Tips for Participants

  • Remember to wear comfortable clothing and bring water
  • Arrive 10 minutes early for all classes and plan to stay until the end

Free Week is still ongoing! It runs until Sunday, September 18. Check out the Free Week schedule and choose from a wide variety of class formats to stay motivated and get involved on campus life!