Want to hear what students say about Day of the Longboat?

Here are some testimonials of what students have to say about Day of the Longboat!

Photo Cred: Bronwyn Davies


“One of the best things about Day of the Longboat is that it’s not only for the competition-oriented students. It’s something even I can do – like someone who has never been in a canoe before! Trust me, you don’t even need to know how to swim. As long as you are not scared of water, you can register for a “just for fun” league!”


Taighe Nelson


“Day of the Longboat is one of the first things to come to mind whenever I think about UBC. It’s not just a recreational event, it’s more like a life event for me because it’s where I made most of my friends. Those same friends and I are doing the event again this year. It’s hard to explain in words what it is like, so you’ve got to do it while you’re at UBC. If this isn’t something for you, you can still come down for the beach festival and cheer on your friends!”


Joanne Holowaty

Photo Cred: Jensen Tung


Photo Cred: Bronwyn Davies


“Day of the Longboat? I’ve got lots to say about it. It’s one of UBC Recreations’ signature events and one of my great memories I had while at UBC. I learned to play to my strengths and had the chance to feel what it is like to be a part of a team.”


Shayna Liu



Gather your team of 8-10 and register today. The registration closes on September 19th at 5 pm. Hurry and register now for UBC signature event!