UBC Recreation: Back to School Checklist

It’s the start of a new school year, and with a new year comes new opportunities. Get involved with UBC REC and snag on some of the opportunities that you might’ve missed last year!

Get back into great shape

The BirdCoop Fitness Centre is readily available for you at the Student Recreation Centre, offering not only a fun and friendly environment for you to break a sweat, but also many different classes and activities for you to sign up for

But the BirdCoop isn’t the only place you can work out though. There are also different classes that you can sign up for, or if you’re not sure, there’s always the option of dropping in for a quick workout and seeing whether or not that yoga class or that dance class really gets you going.


Don’t miss out on the events UBC Recreation Intramurals has to offer

Longboat, Lace Up & Storm the Wall are only some of the many events that UBC Recreation Intramurals hosts, and throughout the year, you’ll hear about many more exciting events.

So you want to get started? Our first event of the year, Fall Softball Classic, is coming up on September 23! More information here, and be sure to register before September 19th.

Another event is Day of the Longboat, one of the most highly anticipated events of the first semester! A classic, decade-old tradition; it’s bound to be a weekend filled with intense competition and lots of fun. Everyone will gather down at Jericho Beach and paddle back and forth across the beautiful Vancouver waters. Registration deadline is coming up, so cruise right over here for more information!

Photo Cred: Bronwyn Davies

Play to win: earn your shot at an infamous champ shirt!

You’ve probably seen your friends or classmates wearing one of those champ shirts around UBC, and maybe you just haven’t gotten your hands on one of them yet. But we have just the thing for you! Participate in one of the many Intramural Leagues that we offer, or through one of our many events, and get your hands one of them! Be sure to register before September 19th for Leagues and Day of the Longboat.


Become a part of the legacy that is UBC Recreation Intramurals

There are still some positions open to join the UBC Recreation Intramurals student staff! There’s always something for everybody, so if you’re interested in Marketing & Photography, there are positions open on our Digital Media and Media teams!

Photo Cred: Bronwyn Davies