Be Fit and Happy without Breaking the Bank

Ever wondered why everyone looks so fit and happy on our campus? Probably because they make use of so many cheap and free opportunities to be active at UBC. No matter what your fitness level is, there is a place for you to balance your academic and social life with a little sweat life. Here are some of our favourite ways to get moving on campus!

Aquatics Centre

giphy-4The UBC aquatics centre is a place for students to enjoy free drop-in swims with 50 meter lengths in the early mornings, and 25 meters over lunch and into the afternoon.

But below the deck of the pool is also one of UBC’s hidden gems. The aquatics center has a small gym that is free for all registered UBC students. It has free weights, a treadmill, and a few machines. If you like working out away from the public eye and occasionally enjoy a sauna after your workout, this is the place for you.

Aquatics Drop-in Schedule 



giphy-2If you are living in any of the residences on campus such as Totem, Vanier, Ponderosa, and Marine Drive, you are in luck! There are gyms located in your Commonsblock, that are accessible and included in your residence fees. Besides the gym, you also have a variety of sports facilities in your backyard, such as basketball and tennis courts. If you can’t find them, just swing by your friendly front desk located in the Commonsblock, and they can point you in the right direction.


Other great opportunities to be active while making a ton of new friends are the Totem Flag Football League and the Vanier Ultimate League. Each first year residence has their own unique sports league that plays on a weekly basis, where houses spend Sunday mornings competing against each other. Also keep an eye out for events hosted by your residence association.

Movement Co. 

giphy-7Join this fun community of like minded people to find your way to get moving on campus. Movement Co. is your club to have fun, find new friends and be active in a non-competitive environment. The club is all about creating an inclusive, supportive and inspiring community to try out new opportunities to become more active and grow your wellbeing.

Movement Co. Website



200w-2The UBC community is made up of an immensely diverse collection of clubs and groups that shape our campus. One of the newest clubs is the Slackline Club. A few years ago, a UBC student set up their line outside the old Student Union Building and from it grew a community of like-minded people. From the beginner that can’t yet walk across the line to pros doing tricks, you will find a balance and energy in this club that is unparalleled. Join their Facebook group and learn more about slacklining.

Slackline Club Facebook Group 

We hope that these cheap & easy ways to get involved on campus have given you some ideas on how to get active while balancing your school and social life. If you have any other great cheap & easy ways to get fit and active on campus, send us a message on Facebook or tweet at us @ubcrec.

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