Top 5 Moments of Day of the Longboat


Day of the Longboat might be over but the memories shared will be with us for years to come. Here are the top five moments we captured this past weekend at Longboat!


1. The atmosphere at Longboat was unlike any other. Jericho Beach transformed into a place of pumped up music, laughter and camaraderie. Whether people came to race for first or just for fun, smiles could be found at every turn.



2. This team, along with many others, showed up at Jericho Beach with great spirit and unique costumes that they showed off at the photobooth after racing!



3. Although it only happened a few times, the capsizes were memorable. This team laughed off their flipped boat while they floated in the chilly waters.



4. Santa Ono, UBC’s beloved new President, helped lead his team to victory in the UBC Staff final. After an eventful race, hugs and high-fives were shared all around.



5. The excitement of the last day of Longboat was only heightened by the beautiful weather at Jericho Beach; blue skies all around following a gorgeous sunrise and double rainbow that morning.