Step It Up: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!



Step It Up is a series of free guided walks that are held monthly as a part of UBC Recreation’s Movement Co program.

For October, Movement Co. set up a fun Pokemon Go themed walk. Natalie Taylor, an ambassador of Lululemon, was invited to the event as a guest. She provided a workshop on how you can getting yourself moving more. Although it had been cloudy and rainy for the past few days, the weather turned out perfect for a lunchtime walk!

We started with stretching and introductions, then a staff from Movement Co. guided us an adventurous scavenger hunt walk across UBC’s campus to find hidden Pokeballs. The more Pokeballs you have, the higher your chances of winning a prize!

After the walk, Natalie Taylor led a conversation on how to motivate yourself to get into movement and set a daily routine for walking or running. Overll, the event was not only fun, we also got to meet new people and socialize!

Step It Up is a great reason to get out and walk with your friends or to meet new people. Be sure to join us for our next Step It Up walk, Pumpkins & Puppies on Wednesday, November 16th at 12pm. Bring your puppy (or yourself if you don’t have one) for a walk around campus followed by some pumpkin spice themed refreshments!