What you can do to prevent cancer


Did you know that about half of cancers can potentially be prevented?

Yes, it’s true! Eating healthy, being physically active, and limiting alcohol consumption, among other things, can help reduce your risk of cancer.

UBC Recreation programs can help assist in Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention can be a confusing topic, so the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention has developed a series of free, interactive, online modules for UBC students to learn what lifestyle choices affect their risk of cancer, get student-centered tips on making healthy choices, and access additional resources.

Each module is about 5-7 minutes long and includes a very short quiz. UBC students are encouraged to review the modules that are relevant to them, and make small, gradual lifestyle changes.

The modules are available on their website.

How we can help

Yoga classes or martial arts are a great way to get yourself active and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.  If you’re interested in something more casual, then check out our Step-It Up walks as part of the Movement Co initiative. Still not interested? Maybe you’re more of a sports buff and want to look at  drop-in sports that easily fit around your schedule. Information on these great programs and many more can be found on our website. Help yourself by being aware of the differences you can make to prevent cancer and stay healthy.


The Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention is a partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society and UBC’s School of Population & Public Health