The boys begin the road to Edmonton.

After a grueling sixteen-hour bus ride from Vancouver to Edmonton the boys arrive with very little sleep, and no time to stop at the hotel they begin their first of three games immediately. One more aspect to make things intresting- the field is covered in six inches of snow.

The first match up is against the University of Leftridge and it was a strong win for the birds despite playing in snow. The score was 12-1 with sophomore middie Jamie Gill getting 3 Goals, freshmen midfielder Nick Schatz with 2 as well as 2 from senior Midfielder Tomás Syskakis.

The second game was far closer when they played the Universtiy of Calgary in a brutal matchup. As the fatigue began to set in and the snow started to soak through the birds gear the University of Calgary pulled ahead until the final minute of the game with a goal from Tomás Syskakis to tie things up. Although a quick answer back from Calgary put the birds with one loss and one win on the day, and furious with the loss.

After the team captains ralleid the boys and reminded them how far we had come, the final game was against the University of Alberta and the Birds answered back hard from the previous loss. With a score of 8-4 and senior Middie Tomás Syskakis painting the score sheet yet again getting a crucial four goals this win set the birds up to play the gold metal game the next morning against the University of Calgary.


TSC_2016/17 Lacrosse_bus