2016-17 Roster FINALIZED!

After a month long of tryouts, our UBC TSC Dragon Boat and AMS UBC Thunder has been finalized. Throughout the month of October, we have seen dedication, good work ethic, adaptability, and improvement in technique, of many potential candidates out there.

It started off on Tuesday (October 4), two boat rosters were set with a coach on each boat. This was where they could have a closer look at individual technique and responsiveness to feedback, as there were moving up and down the boat seat by seat. After two tryout practices of this, round 1 of tryouts was over.

Round 2. The challenge of fast rate, strength, and stamina. As some of the candidates are relatively new to the sport, they are not used to paddling with a fast rate, this round was where the coaches could observe all the candidates and how they adapt to something they were not used to.

Finally, the final round of tryouts. Both TSC and AMS tryouts were run together during this round. A contrast to Round 2 tryouts, focusing mainly on a very slow rate with a strong, heavy pull through the water. After 3 weeks of tryouts, this round was focused on what everyone has learned so far and how each candidate used that knowledge into their paddling ability.

The coaches and exec team have made decisions in the best interest of the team, and the competitive goals we have for the year ahead. Thank you everyone for your interest in the team, and your time and effort during tryouts. The journey, however, has just begun and we’re excited to push towards our goal at the Canadian Dragon Boat Championship!