UBC GamePlan – Recreation and Athletics Facilities Public Consultation


Over the course of the past few months, the University Community has been engaged in quite an extensive review of the current and anticipated needs for both the athletic and recreation programs at UBC.  This has been spurred on by the ever changing dynamics of the campus as it continues to grow and embrace both the on and off campus communities.  It is exciting to see the University set its sights on including the needs of sport and recreation as it projects into the future.

While the first consultation period has passed, it is worthwhile to provide our IM Alumni with an overview of what has been included in this First Draft.  As events unfold, information will be circulated for your information and, where available, for your possible follow up.

So here are the details as gleamed from the UBC Planning Website:


To provide high-quality recreation and sport experiences for students, faculty, sta­ff and neighbourhood residents, UBC is developing a long-range recreation and athletics facilities strategy (UBC GamePlan) that will guide future investments in athletics facilities on campus.

The purpose of the strategy is to meet a growing need for recreational fitness and gymnasium space on campus, as well as address aging athletics facilities, like War Memorial Gym and Thunderbird Stadium. It also supports UBC’s commitment to wellbeing and creating happier, healthier and more sustainable communities at UBC.  Find out more about UBC’s commitment to wellbeing here.

In this consultation, we are seeking feedback from the campus community on proposed recreation and athletics facilities options. What we hear during consultation will help UBC identify preferred options that will be integrated into the proposed strategy.

Summary of Facilities Options

UBC is proposing two distinct areas for athletics facilities in the strategy: a Recreation Hub and a Spectator Hub. The Hub concept focuses future facilities near existing facilities to improve connections between students, athletes, staff and training programs. While each hub has a primary focus on either recreation or spectator sports, they will offer both types of spaces.

The Recreation Hub centres on War Memorial Gym and the surrounding area to increase fitness and recreational gym space. Options include a basic renovation, full building renovation or rebuilding a new War Memorial Gym.

The Spectator Hub centres on Thunderbird Stadium and introduction of a new Athletics Centre of Excellence. Options for Thunderbird Stadium include renovation or relocation of a new Stadium to nearby sites (adjacent Whit Matthews field, Rashpal Dhillon Track and Field Oval, or the Osborne Centre). The Spectator Hub also includes a donor-funded expansion of the existing Baseball Stadium.

The web pages here are a guide to the process, including who is involved, the planning process and timelineoptions being considered, technical information, and tradeoffs.