Nominations now open for 2017 Marilyn Pomfret Alumni Award


2016 Marilyn Pomfret Alumni Award winner, Habib Zargarpour with Nestor Korchinsky and Marilyn Pomfret.

The nomination deadline is Friday November 25, 2016 with the Award presentation to be made at the annual  Intramural and Recreation End of Year Banquet to be held Saturday, April  8, 2017 at a venue yet to be determined

Nominations are now being accepted for names of people to be considered as the recipient of the 2017 Marilyn Pomfret Alumni Award.  Each year the UBC Intramural and Recreation Program honours a past student administrator whose contribution was impactful to the development of the Program.

Past winners include Marilyn Pomfret for her work in supporting women participation in both intercollegiate and recreation pursuits.  Steve Laing was recognized for his leadership both within the Program and throughout the University community.  Last year, Habib Zargarpour, was presented the IM Alumni Award for his creative work in Program Promotions and Advertising.

Alumni are encouraged to either submit their own name or that of a former student colleague. Nominations should include the individual’s name and a brief description of their impact and can be forwarded to The final decision is made by the Intramural and Recreation Program in consultation with the IM Alumni Council.

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