REC U Alumni Summit

On Saturday November 5th REC alumni and current students came together to share and engage with each other over their experiences in REC and beyond in our first ‘REC U Alumni Summit’ of the 2016/17 school year. The summit began with a workshop created and led by REC student staff Lauren La Prairie, Sierra Casey and Jordan Jimenez that had students explore how they can show their passions to employers who have never met them, a topic that got conversations going about how REC can influence their future pursuits.

Following this workshop, 8 alumni from the REC program arrived and were split into their respective industries to talk to students particularly keen on pursuing a similar career path. We were lucky enough to have Kirsten Larson, Zahra Khamisa, Tracy Adams, Chris Borchert, Monica McMahen, Matt Corker, Alex Ristea and Mitch Dawson join us for this year’s summit, where they shared their unique experiences in the working force and how REC created learning opportunities that still inform them today. We finished REC U with an alumni panel led by Mitch Dawson, where each alumni answered questions on what they wish they had known when they were students and the best ways to harness student passion for change. With a surprise visit from Nestor who eloquently informed the students of how they can make their passions become realities with enough energy, REC U was an amazing opportunity for generations of REC staff to learn from each other in surprising ways.

Special thanks to our young alumni panel:

Special thanks to our young alumni panel: Chris Borchert, Matt Corker, Alex Ristea, Zahra Khamisa, Mitch Dawson,Monica McMahen, Kirsten Larson, and Tracy Adams.

Current students and Alumni at REC U Summit.

Current students and Alumni at REC U Summit.


REC U is a semi-annual summit that is a chance for students to learn about what comes next after school. If you would like to get involved in our next REC U (set to take place ~Feb 2017), contact Lauren La Prairie at to hear more! We could not do it without the support and enthusiasm of alumni like you and cannot thank the wider REC community enough for how much they help our students.