Want to get involved in the IM Alumni Council?

Current IM Alumni are encouraged to participate as a member of the IM Alumni Council.  Over the past three years there have been a host of former students who have contributed their time in helping to forge a meaningful connect between the past and the present.

Each person is asked to give up 2 hours per month which includes a dinner meeting ($15 donated dinner voucher included) where a variety of topics and discussed and plans put into place to further support the current program.

The results so far have been outstanding.

  1. Over 1,800 former students have been identified and contacted.
  2. A Newsletter has been developed and circulated on a quarterly basis.
  3. The Marilyn Pomfret Alumni Award has been established.
  4. Participation in REC 101 has proven to be a hit.
  5. The Program has earned a total surpassing $5,000 through Alumni donations which have been matched by the University. These funds have been used by the Program in a variety of ways.
  6. Various Programs have been encouraged including Day of the LongBoat Alumni Team participation, mid-term social gatherings and End of the Year Banquet attendance.

At the present we have two Alumni involved, Colin Chin and Adrian Lee.  We are looking for two more people and if you are interested and have the time please made your wishes known to Michael Tan mike.tan@ubc.ca  by Friday, November 25.  Thank you.

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