UBC Dragon Boat | 2XU Canada

For the 2016/17 season, we have once again secured a partnership with 2XU Canada!

2XU is one of the top athletic sportswear companies in the world, with a primary focus in high quality compression apparel. Some of which are tailored and customized to specific sports.

Here’s a message for people buying 2XU compression apparel for the first time, from a 2XU representative at Sport Chek, delivered by Erica Bell, one of our paddlers who used to work at Sport Chek:
“To begin, do follow the sizing chart. It is extremely accurate. If it looks like you are between 2 sizes, opt for the smaller size, especially if you are wearing it for recovery.

Putting it on and taking it off can be tricky and take a bit of time, but that is normal. And when you take it out of its box, it may look like it won’t fit, but trust me it will. To put into perspective, Navy Seals wear 2 sizes smaller then their recommended , and they manage to get it on.

Please remember that this is not a normal piece of workout clothing. It will/may feel uncomfortable, too tight, and awkward at first. This may cause you to think it’s too tight , so instinctively you will want to grab a bigger size that your body feels more comfortable in.
Don’t do this because in the end you will be wasting money on a fancy piece of fabric that won’t be doing what it is engineered to do.
It takes some wears to get use to it, and also remember it will loosen up a bit through time.

I have yet to see this happen to someone who followed the chart, but if you are concerned about it being too tight there are couple ways to know:
1) You cannot move your body through its full range of motion
2) You go numb (pins and needles)

Lastly, do not wash it with fabric softeners or dry with a dryer sheet. These clog the fabrics pores.”

Thank you 2XU Canada for the support!

Make sure to check 2XU Canada out at www.2xu.com/ca. Sign up to their mailing list to get 10% off your first order, and get their latest news! Especially in this holiday season!