6 Ways Swimming Can Benefit You!


With the opening of the new UBC Aquatic Centre just around the corner, here are some ways that swimming can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Take a look at why you should dive in with us once the new centre opens at the end of January.


   1. Healthy, Strong Body

Swimming is an extremely effective form of exercise. It builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It is also very versatile in the variety of workouts you can do. With options from Aquazumba to an aquacize fitness class, there are many ways to engage your entire body in the pool.

   2. Peace of Mind

Reducing stress is key to success as a student and spending time in the Aquatic Centre can be a great first step. Burn some energy swimming laps or let your body decompress in the hot tub or sauna.


   3. Increased Energy

With the new Aquatic Centre just meters away from the Birdcoop gym you can follow up your workout with a relaxing swim and hot tub. It can give you a nice boost of energy to propel you through the remainder of your day.


   4. Pain Alleviation

If you have joint pains then swimming can be very beneficial. As a non-contact sport there is no impact on your joints. Likewise if you have tight muscles causing you pain then swimming can help lengthen those muscles and relieve pressure.

With the inclusion of the new leisure pool and lazy river there are a variety of Aqua Rehab-Therapy programs being offered.


   5. Improved sleep

It’s hard to get enough sleep as a student so why not help yourself and make it easier.

In a research study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, individuals that perform rigorous activity such as swimming were twice as likely to have a full and restful nights sleep. There’s also a great student space in the new centre where you can study or take a nap.


   6. Lowers Risk of Disease

Not only is swimming a great form of exercise, it has also been shown to help control blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. By swimming regularly, you’re less likely to develop illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.