Tai Chi is more than it appears.


Stress is one of a student’s greatest enemies. We are always looking for ways to deal with and defeat stress. Simply watching the Tai Chi class go through their motions and forms made me feel calm and relaxed. I can only imagine how much more effective it would be to participate.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn how Tai Chi is much more than it seems. Every motion has a purpose and a martial application without appearing to do so.

When Tai Chi was founded, Martial Arts were banned by the Chinese government. It was designed to look passive and calm while still possessing powerful martial capabilities. With a focus on balancing your inner chi and finding the center of your body, you can defend yourself from a variety of attacks with very little strength.

“There’s no such thing as advanced movements, only advanced understanding of basic movements”

The instructor Lucas says that “It is important that whatever you train yourself to do in a self-defense class is realistic”. Tai Chi is meant to deal with random and unpredictable attacks quickly and efficiently. The class is structured for all abilities as “there’s no such thing as advanced movements, only advanced understanding of basic movements”. You will learn and build upon basic skills and continually develop how to apply them.

There is still space available in the class and it is a great way to relax your mind and body while learning effective and useful skills. Registration closes on January 15th so make sure to save your spot today.