Breaking Ice at the 2017 Lotus Icebreaker V-12!

First race of the season!

After many practices in the cold, harsh weather, and after many cancelled practices due to the cold, harsh weather, our first race of the season has come upon us.

 UBC Thunderbirds SC – B (PC: Caotography)


In the morning of Saturday, January 14th. We packed everything we needed for the race, met up with our allocated drivers, and headed down to Barnet Marine Park, home of the Lotus Sports Club. As this was our first race in a V-12 canoe, we got to the race site a little earlier to watch the races before ours, to get a sense of how things are going to be run. Although it a cold 2 degree celsius, the sun was out and the water conditions were in every team’s favour!

 UBC Thunderbirds SC – A (PC: Caotography)


We got changed, did a land warm-up, stood in our rostered boats for our coaches’ pre-brief, and headed down to the boats.


UBC Thunderbirds SC – A:

Carmen To Alison Lim
Gregory Goana Alex Pang
Amy Cheng Rachel Lee
Eliza Lim Alex Zhang
Ryan Lau Daniel Wong
Ryan Wong (steersperson) Vivian Chung


UBC Thunderbirds SC – B:

Samantha Lam Ziharr Magnaye
Imelda Suen Yuxin Zhang
Charlie Liu Charlie Liu
Julian Lum Kat Kohler
Nicole Wong Joey Teed
Brandon Lim (steersperson) Cherrie Ng


After a long ~7km race in the Mixed Open category, we headed back to the beach with smiles on our faces and our heads up high.
UBC Thunderbirds SC – A came 1st in the heat with a time of 28:39min, and UBC Thunderbirds SC – B came 2nd in the heat with a time of 30:57min.

UBC Thunderbirds Dragon Boat SC @ 2017 Lotus Icebreaker V-12 (PC: Caotography)


Next up, the 2017 FCRCC March Madness on March 25-26, 2017. A 5-7km race on an OC-6. The training continues!