UBC Alpine Ski Team on the Podium

SkiBird Race Report: Giant Slalom in Tamarack, ID

The SkiBirds had an amazing first weekend racing in GS in Tamarack, ID. The team battled lots of snow and windy conditions but pushed through with some great results. On Saturday our women’s team stole the show with some solid results. Club Lead Jordan Fitzgerald took silver, followed by executive Jennifer Boughner in 6th, and Michelle Warner in 10th. Teammates Julia and Eva were close behind finishing in 15th and 16th. On the men’s side, our new recruit from Alberta, Justin Kelly finished in 6th and teammates Bryan Cadman and Cameron Hale finished 8th and 15th. Overall our women’s team placed 2nd only five points behind the College of Idaho and our men’s team placed 3rd.

On Sunday, due to high winds we were only able to squeeze in one race run. Jordan Fitzgerald finished 3rd, freshman Katherine Greer from Ontario finished 6th and Jennifer Boughner finished 10th. Teammates Justin Kelly placed 6th and fourth year teammate Bryan Cadman finished 9th. The women’s team ended up in second, only one point behind College of Idaho and the men’s team took the bronze. Next weekend the SkiBirds are heading to Mount Hood, Oregon for our first slalom race. We are training hard at Grouse Mountain this week and are ready to punch in some more great results!

Thank you to all our friends and alumni who have shown us great support this season! We are so appreciative of donations that help fund our team. Our next fundraising goal is to purchase team radios. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the season!