Westerns at Callaghan

The weekend of January 20th and 21st was a good one for the UBC Nordic Ski Team as we headed up to the beautiful Callaghan Valley and Whistler Olympic Park for Westerns. The competition proved to be competitive, as olympic development teams from Australia and Mexico made an appearance, along with many strong racers from all across Canada.

Friday was the sprint race, where we saw Hannah Xavier and Nora Apelgren move on from qualifiers to semi’s, and have great races. The weather was sunny, the snow fast, and good vibes made the day a fun one!

Saturday proved to be a more difficult race, with the women completing four 2.5 kilometre loops with some massive hills, and the men doing six. Alison Pouw, from UBC, had a great finish with a 2nd place, pushing through the snowy conditions that got everybody’s skis running a bit slow.

Here are a few pictures of from the weekend:

Results are posted here