Josh’s Fresh Take for February

How Much Gas is Left in the Tank for Aging Roger Federer?

Introducing our new monthly segment, “Josh’s Fresh Take”. Coach and Communications Lead, Josh Martin, weighs in on topics in the world of tennis and shares his two cents.

The class-act Swiss-born Roger Federer looked like he found a time machine and jumped back to his prime earlier in the month when he took home his 18th Grand Slam championship against rival Rafael Nadal. It marked his 100th professional tennis match as well as his first win against the Spaniard in 10 years, as he had not defeated Nadal in a major since 2007.

With Feds now at the ripe old age of 35, the question remains, how much gas is left in the tank?  Perhaps the Swiss-native could defy the odds and become the tennis-world’s next Jaromir Jagr. (For those of you that don’t recognize the name “Jagr” he’s an NHL player currently playing at the age of 44, and rather well).

With his most recent Grand Slam win, Feds is well on track of Jagr-like capabilities. According to the ATP article, “Federer Tops Nadal in Epic For 18th Major Crown,” it mentions that Federer is the oldest Grand Slam champion since Ken Rosewall who won three major titles in 1970 and 1971 after celebrating his 35th birthday. If the man of the hour can resist injuries, whose saying that he can’t play well into his late thirties?

Josh’s Fresh Take, signing off.