Marcus | Faces of Recreation

Marcus is a 2nd year Dentistry student


Marcus | Faces of Recreation

How long have you been participating in UBC Recreation programs?

I’ve participated in UBC Recreation programs since I started studying here in September 2015, and i’ve been volunteering since February 2016!

Why do you choose UBC Recreation programs?

I discovered the opportunity to volunteer for UBC Recreation after participating in Day of the Longboat in October of my first year. The event clearly needed the help of a huge amount of people to bring into fruition, and to make it the memorable experience that it was. All the volunteers and workers at the event had big, beautiful smiles and their energy was contagious – so being involved with these events quickly became a priority of mine.

What is the favourite memory from UBC Intramurals?

Being new to Vancouver, Day of the Longboat in my first year was the first time I ever got to really witness the vibrant personalities of people in my program. After a neck-and-neck race we managed to hold our lead, barely, into the shore where I ran up the beach to hit the victory gong. This race set the tone for all of the good times i’ve had in Vancouver since.

What is one thing you think other participants should know about volunteering with UBC Intramurals?

The team at UBC Recreation Intramurals is incredible. If you volunteer, you’ll walk out of that event having met some of the most fun, personable people out there.