Equestrian Team Braves the Storm


On Saturday, February 4th, Equestrian Team braved an unexpected snowstorm to compete with five other universities in Lynden, Washington. Despite the weather, Western Washington University hosted a fantastic show with great horses and a lovely (indoor) venue where fifteen UBC Equestrian riders successfully competed. While recent weather has made conditions difficult for Equestrian Team, all of our team members arrived with enthusiasm and rode effectively. Thank you to our drivers for getting us to the show and back safely, and congratulations to all of our riders on a great weekend!




Open Equitation Over Fences

6th place: Nat Nahirney

Open Equitation on the Flat

3rd place: Nat Nahirney

6th place: Claire Anderson

Intermediate Equitation Over Fences

4th place: Katie Donohoe

5th place: Lea Anderson

Intermediate Equitation on the Flat

1st place: Lea Anderson

5th place: Katie Donohoe

Novice Equitation Over Fences

3rd place: Kathryn McLellan

4th place: Michelle Whiticar

6th place: Hannah Spitzer

Novice Equitation on the Flat

7th place: Michelle Whiticar

Alumni Equitation Over Fences

2nd place: Kelsi Jessamine

Alumni Equitation on the Flat

3rd place: Kelsi Jessamine

Advanced Walk Trot Canter

4th place: Rachel Green

Beginner Walk Trot Canter

2nd place: Victoria George

3rd place: Stella Baehring