3 Reasons to Participate in Storm the Wall If You Live Off-Campus

Something to do between classes.

Are you one of those people who have huge gaps between your classes in the middle of the day? Or maybe you don’t start class until the afternoon and need something to keep you from snoozing the day away? Storm the Wall has timeslots that take place throughout the school day, which means that you can make your race time fit your schedule. No more aimless breaks spent meandering around the Nest – you’ve got Storming to do.



It’s not as complicated as it seems.

I get it. The idea of getting together 4 friends, coordinating all your schedules, figuring out a time that works, and actually participating in the event itself seems daunting. But as someone who has been on a dozen Storm the Wall teams over my 5 years at UBC, let me tell you – figuring out the logistics really isn’t that bad. As for the event itself, maybe you think that you’re not athletic enough for Storm. I promise you that nobody cares how quickly you finish so long as you have fun. Or maybe you’re worried about getting over the wall? In that case, Rec staff are there for the express purpose of getting you over it. I promise, if you want to, we’ll make it happen.



A sense of campus community.

Whether you have always commuted to UBC or have just recently moved out of residence and into the big, bad city, there is a bit of a loss of community that comes with living off campus. Storm is one of those unique times of the year that brings together people from across campus in a shared experience, much like one might have living in first-year residence. Even if you don’t want to join a team, even watching the Ironperson finals from the sidelines brings together campus in a way that is, at the risk of sounding cheesy, incredible.



Register by March 17 at stormthewall.ca! You won’t regret it.