A Brief History of Storm

This year marks Storm the Wall’s 39th Anniversary. Since 1979, Storm has become one of UBC’s largest Intramural events and we hope to make 2017 even bigger and better than the years before!


1. The first ever Storm was held in 1978 and was founded by Nestor Korchinsky, the grandfather of the UBC Intramurals program. In an attempt to bring about social cohesion to events, Korchinsky was inspired by the philosophical sentiment of scaling a wall to overcome obstacles and thus, Storm the Wall was born!

2. Storm the Wall is the biggest Intramural event in North America!

3. In 1978, in the middle of the night, the wall was burned in Totem Park by a group of students. The wall is now guarded at night by Intramurals staff.

4. The Super Ironman category of Storm the Wall is when the competitor finishes the entire race by themselves, including scaling the 12 feet wall alone! Super Ironman Andrew White was the most recent person to complete this race in 2011, since 2008.

5. Just for Fun heats allow teams to participate regardless of athletic ability. You can even run the course in a silly costume!

6. Over the years, it’s been found that five people in a pyramid position make getting over the wall easiest.

7. To promote inclusivity at our event, the Storm festival is a great way to still be a part of the action. Watch live music, play games and so much more while you cheer on your peers at this historic event.

Swim, sprint, bike, run and climb your way to the top at Storm the Wall 2017! Register by March 17th.