Storm Numbers (To Beat!)

We all know what Storm the Wall is (or if you don’t is the place to go), one of UBC’s most iconic experiences where you swim, sprint, bike, run & STORM THE WALL! This is definitely a big one to cross off on your UBC checklist, and collectively as a school, let’s try to beat some numbers from last year!



2016 Participant Numbers

845 Teams Total

  • 322 Just for Fun
  • 354 Competitive


Wall Challenge

Can your team beat a time of 33 seconds to Storm the Wall?


Triple Crown Winners

  • 2015 – Kinesiology Women’s
  • 2015 – Men’s Engineering
  • 2012 – Alpha Gamma Delta Women’s


Gag Heat Throwbacks

FIRE HALL – some of UBC’s finest dressed up as firemen, carried a ladder through the ENTIRE race and used the ladder to get over the wall!



So what are you still waiting for? Sign up for Storm before the deadline closes!