UBC Cycling: Dog Pound Omnium Recap

This weekend marked the midpoint of this year’s NWCCC season and was hosted by the Husky Cycling Club down in Seattle. The 12 UBC riders arrived at their familiar and friendly homestay (3rd year in a row staying with the Miller’s, and they’re awesome!!) eager to race. Weather for the weekend was the typical on and off rain that is synonymous with the Northwest, but that didn’t get in the way of some stellar results by the UBC team. The numerous results can be found here:

Road race:
Team Time Trial:

Podium results include Margot Clyne with 1st in the Women’s A road race and 2nd in the crit, 1st place by James Kirker in the Men’s B crit, 1st place by Erin Chahley in the Women’s B road race, 2nd place by Claire Anderson in the Women’s B crit, 3rd place by Sean Henry in the Men’s A road race and 3rd place by Connor Wolff in the Men’s C crit!

UBC was also represented by Katrina Waldhauser, Evan Trofimchuk, Charles Collin, Ali AlEthawy, SiZhen She and John Park.

Another consistent weekend from Sean Henry puts him into first overall in the Men’s A. But more importantly, a stellar team performance puts UBC back into first overall!! Unfortunately the UBC team will be absent from next week’s race down in Montana, but we’ll be back in action the weekend after for what we hope will be a sunny time in Walla Walla, Washington.

Thanks for all the support we continue to receive and a huge thanks to the officials and the Husky Cycling Club for making another great weekend of bike racing possible. #thunderbikes #teambonding #rule5 #doggos#cocacola #sleeplessinseattle #backontop #nwccc #spicy #sumac