UBC Cycling: Grain Elevator Stage Race Recap

WOW!! What an adventure the TSC UBC Cycling team had this weekend! After one of the cars broke down in Ellensburg, UBC managed to get 8 out of their 9 riders to Walla Walla in order to race. Unfortunately James Kirker had to stay with his car and so missed what was supposed to be his debut weekend in the Men’s A field. Despite very little sleep Friday night after getting in at 4 in the morning due to the car break down, the riders still powered through the weekend to take home some top notch results. Podium results this weekend include:

-Margot Clyne in the Women’s A’s took 1st in the road race and 2nd in the crit
-Blair Van in the Men’s B’s took 1st in the crit and 2nd in the road race
-Emily Suchy in the Women’s B’s took 2nd in the road race
-Zach Rohland in the Men’s C’s took 3rd in the crit
UBC was also represented by Sean Henry, Charles Collin, Gerard Gaba and SiZhen She.

From the photos below you can see everyone was stoked on that open Washington Farmland! Big thanks to Whitman Cycling and the officials for putting on a stellar race weekend. And a HUGE thank you to the WWU Cycling Team for getting 4 of our riders back to Bellingham since we only had one car. And also a BIG thanks to Ubc Thunderbirds Sport Clubs for driving down from Vancouver to pick up those 4 riders. We’re happy to all be home safely and look forward to one final push for the last collegiate race weekend in a week’s time.
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