Dreaming BIG: English Channel Swim – July 2017

Jessi Harewicz swims open water in the ocean near Vancouver in preparation for the English Channel swim July 2017.


Jessi Harewicz is training to do what only a few dozen Canadians have ever successfully done – swim the English Channel. With her successful crossing of the Georgia Straight in June 2016 (only the third woman to do so) Jessi has had her sights set on this loftier goal for some time.  Most of the staff and patrons of the UBC Aquatic Centre are likely not even aware but she has been in their midst for quite some time – The Kitsilano resident completes two 60-120 minute training sessions per week in addition to her ‘long workout’ of 2-6 hours in preparation for July.

In an effort to support Jessi’s training program, the facility management team has agreed to bend the facility policies and will be allowing Jessi to bring food in a sealed and clearly labelled container on-deck for consumption during her training sessions over the coming weeks.

We all have goals in life. Here’s hoping that as facility staff and patrons you may be inspired by how Jessi is challenging herself and might share a few words of encouragement the next time you see her in the pool.