Ryann | Faces of Recreation

Ryann has been participating in swimming lessons and camps at UBC for 2 years.

Ryan Raulkner | Faces of Recreation Camps Participant

Why do you choose UBC Recreation programs?

UBC Camps are so much fun! I see lots of people I know, and the staff are very nice and always look out for you.

What is your favourite memory from UBC Camps?

One of my favourite memories was going to hockey camp when I was the only girl in the group. The boys teased me until they saw me play. The next day another girl joined and I was glad to know that there were two of us to prove them wrong.

What is one thing you think other participants should know about UBC Recreation?

I have so much fun. I have enjoyed all of the programs i’ve done because there are so many different things to do from outdoor activities like hiking and biking to swimming and more!