Season Kick-off at the FCRCC Knockout Regatta!

OUR SEASON HAS FINALLY BEGUN! After 6 months of training, the season we have been waiting for is finally here.

(PC: Caotography)


After Lotus Icebreaker V-12 and March Madness, FCRCC Knockout is our first dragon boat regatta of the season. So far all the regattas we raced in this season have had beautiful weather! The sun was shining on all teams that were out. Hopefully this stays consistent with our future regattas!

What is FCRCC Knockout and how does it work?
Compared to other dragon boat regattas, FCRCC Knockout is a little different. It is a 200m dragon boat regatta, with 20 paddlers in a boat. The first 2 heats act as qualifing heats to see which divison of the semi-finals a team have qualified in, and the finals is a ‘knockout’ format. A ‘knockout’ format race starts off with 7 dragon boats. After each 200m race, the last 2 teams gets knockout and have to return to the docks, while the other teams that make it through to the next round have 5-minutes to head back to the start line and get ready for another race. This goes on until there are 3 teams left in the final round.

Heat 2 (PC: Caotography)


In the early morning of May 6, 2017, the team met at the race venue to set up and get ready for a long day of racing. Keeping our minds focused on the races and not forgetting what we have learned during practices. We were scheduled for the first race of the regatta. Throughout the day, there were many ups and downs within the team, but overall, we were proud of ourselves and the result we achieved. We placed 2nd overall in the Competitive Division!

Competitive/Division A Semi-final (PC: Caotography)



First heat:

1. UBC Thunderbirds SC 0:50.986
2. Starbucks Waverunners 0:55.452
3. Dragon Hearts Breaker 0:56.423
4. Thunder Strokers 0:57.775
5. Eye Of The Dragon 1:04.948
6. Fraser Dragons 1:06.116
7. Abreast Deas Divas 1:08.035


Second heat:

1. UBC Thunderbirds SC 0:48.760
2. RCL United 0:55.000
3. Eternal Phoenix 0:55.701
4. Das Kraken 0:59.371
5. Eye Of The Dragon 1:00.572
6. Water Warriors 1:02.023
7. Dragging Divas at Rocky Point 1:02.307


Competitive/Division A Semi-finals:

1. CIBC One West 0:47.843
2. UBC Thunderbirds SC 0:48.627
3. Dreadnought 0:49.294
4. Team LifeScan 0:50.412
5. Starbucks Waverunners 0:50.913
6. Dragon Hearts Breaker 0:53.966
7. Sudden Impact BLACK  0:53.316


Competitive Final Knockout Round 1:

1. CIBC One West 0:46.226
3. FCRCC Premier 0:46.577
4. UBC Thunderbirds SC 0:47.144
5. Dreadnought 0:47.678
6. Eternal Dragon 0:47.745
7. UBC Thunder 0:48.162


Competitive Final Knockout Round 2:

1. CIBC One West 0:49.432
3. UBC Thunderbrids SC 0:49.933
4. FCRCC Premier 0:50.367
5. Dreadnought 0:50.583


Competitive Final Knockout Round 3:

1. CIBC One West 0:48.489
2. UBC Thunderbirds SC 0:49.540


Competitive Knockout Final (PC: Caotography)


A great day of racing! Special thanks goes out to False Creek Racing Canoe Club and Dreadnought Dragon Boat Team for hosting yet another successful event! Also, special shoutout goes out to our AMS team, UBC Thunder, for placing 7th overall in the Competitive Division! Congratulations to all winners in all divisions! Next up, DragonZone 500m Regatta on June 10th!

UBC Thunderbirds SC Team Photo (PC: Caotography)