DragonZone 500m Regatta!

The DragonZone 500m Regatta is a seeding regatta for the upcoming Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival! There are 3 races on either Saturday or Sunday. Adult Competitive teams would be in the Saturday AM session, Adult Recreational teams would be in the Saturday PM session, with Juniors and Masters being in the Sunday session.

(PC: Caotography)


We used this regatta to execute the strategy we have been practicing and see how it works during an actual race. A regatta where we would continuously build on, to see what works and what does not, to further prepare ourselves for the Canadian National Dragon Boat Championship in August.

(PC: Caotography)


We met up at the race venue in the early morning of June 10, 2017. Got ourselves warmed up and prepared for a short day of racing; 3 races within 2 hours. As the breaks between races were shorter, we had to utilize our time efficiently to talk about how each race felt, and what we had to work on to perform better in the next one.

(PC: Caotography)


Overall, we managed to learn from each race and definitely improved as the day went on. This resulted in us achieving 4th place overall in the Division A Final, with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th places only being a 100th of a second within each other. PHOTO FINISH. Shout out to our AMS team, UBC Thunder, for achieving 6th place overall in the Division A Final!


First heat:

1. UBC Thunderbirds SC 2:05.680
2. FCRCC Premier 2:06.280
3. UBC Thunder 2:11.752
4. Starbucks Waverunners 2:13.554
5. Dragon Zone Twisted Hips 2:25.449
6. Max Storm 2:30.988


Second heat:

1. CIBC One West 2:02.500
2. UBC Thunderbirds SC 2:02.850
3. Team LifeScan 2:14.445
4. Dreadnought II 2:14.728
5. Dragon Hearts Breaker 2:18.299
6. Max Storm 2:23.671
7. The Eh Team 2:52.449


Division A Finals:

1. CIBC One West 1:58.835
2. DZ Premier 1:59.686
3. Dreadnought 2:00.503
4. UBC Thunderbirds SC 2:00.520
5. FCRCC Premier 2:00.536
6. UBC Thunder 2:04.874
7. Dragon Zone DH Thunderbreaker 2:05.208
8. Eternal Dragon 2:06.876


(PC: Caotography)


Next up, Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival!