Drowning Prevention Week | Day 3

Boating Buddies

Not wearing a lifejacket continues to be a factor in 82% of boating related incidents. Do you know how to stay safe while out on the water?

Drowning Prevention Week activities at the UBC Aquatic Centre on July 19th will teach you how to be boat wise.

Float Plans: Who, what, when, where, why? Learn what a float plan is and who needs one!

Boat Race: Transport Canada requires certain equipment to be on your boat all times. Learn where to find this information, load your equipment into your boat and then take a trip through the pool!

Lifejackets: Do you know the difference between a Lifejacket and a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) and who should wear one?

Learn more about Canadian boating requirements and make sure you are prepared before going out on the water!

Don’t miss out on this free drop-in programming to learn how to keep yourself, your friends, and your family safe at the UBC Aquatic Centre – RSVP on Facebook!

Wed, July 19th 2:30–3:30PM 6:00–7:00PM

Boat buddies

How to be well prepared for safe boating

Thu, July 20th 2:30–3:30PM 6:00–7:00PM

Rescuing myself from rivers, lakes, and oceans

How to swim with tides and currents, as well as with hypothermia

Fri, July 21st 4:00–6:00PM

Water Wise Tots

What to do if a baby needs CPR or if they’re choking, and how to get in and out of water safely with your tot

Join us at the UBC Aquatic Centre for free drop-in programs from July 17-21. You’ll learn things like how to recognize a drowning swimmer, how to survive an unexpected fall into water, and how to save someone in need. Our lifeguards and instructors will demonstrate and teach you life-long skills so that you can stay safe while you explore the rivers, lakes, and ocean around campus this summer.