Strong Winds & Choppy Water at the 2017 Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta

Another great Saturday at the 2017 Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta!

The team got out of bed as early as 5am on the morning of July 22 to prepare ourselves for a drive to Harrison Hot Springs, BC. This is the 13th Annual Harrison Dragon Boat Regatta and we make it a MUST for us to participate in this regatta every year! It was definitely refreshing to be paddling in fresh water for a change, after paddling for months in the salt waters of False Creek.

Big Daddy D and His Bois (PC: Olivia Chan)


Although the weather was cold, windy, and rainy, that did not stop us from giving it our all in every race we were scheduled for. The first heat was a 200m qualifying heat, followed by three 500m heats. As the Canadian Dragon Boat Championships will be held on fresh water, we used this regatta as practice, to have a feel of the different water conditions we would encounter when we get there.

As a result, we finished 1st place overall in the Mixed Competitive Division! We also had an Open team, where we merged with our AMS team, UBC Thunder, and finished 1st place in the Open Division as Big Daddy D and His Bois!

Big Daddy D and His Bois (PC: Olivia Chan)


Thank you Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Club for another great regatta! We cannot wait to be back next year!


Race Results

Mixed 200m Qualifier:

1. UBC Thunderbirds SC 0:50.725
2. Riptide 0:56.297
3. Dragon Hearts & Soul 0:57.064
4. Max Storm 0:57.165
5. Langara Ligers 0:58.116


Mixed 500m Qualifier:

1. UBC Thunderbirds SC 2:07.465
2. UBC Thunder 2:11.670
3. Dragon Zone Twisted Hips 2:20.111
4. Riptide 2:21.513
5. Orca 2:23.965
6. Dragon Hearts & Soul 2:26.317


Open Division:

1. Big Daddy D and His Bois 2:03.687
2. FVDBC Mighty Men 2:13.880
3. FCRCC Sr C 2:16.967


Mixed Competitive/Division A Semi Finals:

1. UBC Thunderbirds SC 2:07.784
2. FCRCC Sr C 2:17.326
3. Team Lifescan 2:17.476
4. Concord Pacific Flying Dragons 2:22.665
5. Riptide 2:23.115
6. RGL United 2:26.052


Mixed Competitive Championship:

1. UBC Thunderbirds SC 2:06.349
2. UBC Thunder 2:10.136
3. Helloooooo?! 2:10.486
4. Dragon Zone: DH Thunderbreaker 2:11.287
5. FCRCC Sr C 2:17.143
6. QF BLU BY U 2:19.145


UBC Dragon Boat Family (PC: Jonathan Chou)