Celebrating 30 years of LongBoat

Relive the tradition or finally check it off the bucket list! Join us at Jericho Sailing Centre as we celebrate Day of the LongBoat’s 30th anniversary.

The 2016 Alumni Racers. Photo Cred: Bronwyn Davies

Essential Event Details

Day of the Longboat – Alumni Heat

Sunday, October 1st

Register by September 18th

$250.00 for the team (Teams of 8-10)

With your team registration you receive the following:

  • Pre-Race Safety Clinic
  • Exciting Race along the beautiful backdrop Jericho Beach has to offer
  • Post-Race Reception
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Team Photos

Register online here.


What to Bring

Before you leave, make sure you have valid government ID and closed toed shoes. Also, it’s highly recommended to bring a change of clothes and rain gear depending on the weather. Make sure to leave those valuables at home though.




Getting There

Day of the Longboat is held at Jericho Sailing Centre (1300 Discovery St, Vancouver, BC) near beautiful Jericho Beach. If you plan on driving, Jericho Sailing Centre has limited free parking so arrive early! Extra parking space can be found on Discovery St.


When You Arrive

Upon arrival, walk through the gates and proceed to registration. Check in at registration where you will be escorted upstairs to the second floor of the Jericho Sailing Centre.





Before the race, you and your team will be escorted to the second floor of the Jericho Sailing Centre. Here you will sign your waiver, receive a wristband and await the pre-race clinic speech.

Your team will be given a pre-race clinic presentation that will outline route and safety details. This presentation will be integral to your success in the boat!

You will then proceed to the holding area where you will be given a go-ahead to go to the equipment area and pick up your PFD and paddle. You’ll be assigned a number which corresponds to your lane, chair, and boat team. One person from your team will be sitting in a chair on the bench while the rest of your team gets ready in the boat.




During the Race

When the starting siren has been sounded, the person from your team sitting in the chair on the bench will spring to the boat and your team is off! Start paddling, turning around the first buoy and arcing to Baton Beach.


Once you arrive there, your team’s runner (the one with the race number) will jump out of the boat, sprint to grab the baton and run back to the boat. Your team will then paddle back to Finish Beach, where your runner will get out of the boat, sprint up the beach, and hit the gong with the baton!


Once your whole team gets out of the boat, you’ll cross the finish line together and drop your equipment before heading to snap some victory shots at the photobooth!




Day of the Longboat 2014
Post-Race Festivities

Worried that the fun will be over after your race? Have no fear, there is still lots of excitement to come. We will be hosting a post-race reception on the beach where you and your team can enjoy food, an awards ceremony and ongoing races. We will also be taking team photos and a group photo to document your day!

You can also show off your moves on the beach, our DJ will be playing music all day long. Or play lots of fun games like Peer Pong, How Many, Ulti-Bee and more… all of which you can play to win some awesome prizes!

Overall, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy an amazing weekend by the ocean with friends new and old.