Connect with Current Students



Recently President Ono posted a reminder of the tremendous opportunity we as staff, faculty, and alumni have to contribute to what shapes the university community and culture – the students. Over the past few years the students of the volunteer student staff have been the recipients of this impact through many aspects but one that has been a highlight has been through our Intramural Alumni Summit series.

The original concept of the program, created in 2012 and called REC-U, was viewed as a way of connecting and understanding how their experiences within Intramurals could be beneficial in their future endeavors. Not surprisingly, the alumni involved shared stories of “back in our day… ” and how their intramural and university experiences became cornerstones of their professional careers quickly became the most sought after interaction.

As with most things here, the alumni involvement has evolved over tim.  The Intramurals Alumni Summits now take place in both the Fall and Winter terms. Each term, a group of alum from various eras and careers volunteer their evening to join our current Intramural staff sharing stories, questions and discussions. For our alumni, it’s a great opportunity to connect , see how things have grown and for our current staff it provides a peak into legacy they are carrying and most importantly provides an inspiring glimpse of what the future may hold.

This fall we are hosting the Intramural Alumni Summit on Saturday October 21st and would love to hear from any of you who may be interested in taking part. Please contact our Program Development Staff for more information.